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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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that? >> she may have been a meal. happy thursday. your news weather and traffic are straight ahead. >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. breaking right now, a local teen headed to court accused of stashing someone in a violent home invasion. >> crews returning to a pond in plymouth this morning searching for a missing swimmer interest. the -- there. the challenges they're facing. >> i aman accused of taking pictures you up a woman's skirt inside a local sto good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. >> it is thursday, september 15th. and man it was nice the last few days. danielle it's your turn so we would like the forecast. >> i was going to say can you hold on. look at this graphic. this is not what you want to see. this is the remnant of what is
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either way we hit 90 degrees in boston yesterday. that was the 22nd time we've done it for the year so far. it is going to be much cooler today. there we go. temperature-wise out the door, 40s and 50s. 58 in boston right now. 45 in keen. 53 in manchester. 54 in laurens. dew points are in the 40s. so the air is much drier, much more comfortable. kind of that crisp feel out the door this morning. that's going to be the case the next couple of days. satellite and radar quiet at home. there are a couple low-level clouds over cape cod. we're in for a good amount of sunshine. out of the 50s we rise, sunrise at 6:25. feel of fall today. look at that, 67 by midday. we'll probably hang in the upper 60s at the coast with an onshore breeze topping out right at 70 through the interior, sunset at 6:53. i am tracking another warm-up. we'll talk about that coming up. let's get you on the roads. >> danielle, it looks great. this is the eastbound lanes of the pike from our cameras in
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it is back to normal today. now also from the west, route nine in newton has reopened after a serious crash there yesterday. to our north, a ride into the city, short and sweet no problems to tell you about. >> thank you. breaking overnight, a 17 year old from beverly arrested. the accused of stashing someone during a home invasion. police say the teenager went into a home on living stone avenue, demanded money and then stabbed a 25-year-old man. that victim was taken to the from several towns tracked down the suspect in a nearby backyard. he will be arraigned in salem juvenile court today. this morning, crews will be back at a local pond searching for a missing swimmer. >> nick giovanni is live with the very latest. nick. >> reporter: kate and chris, some extra stools are going to be added to this search whether it resumes here in just a matter of hours. namely, some sonar equipment. we understand this search has
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herring pond in plymouth since thursday afternoon. as a search for a missing swimmer turned to a recovery mission. >> jumped in with no life jacket. >> reporter: first responders say three people were out in a boat, two of them swimming when wind gusts blew the boat away and a 26-year-old man was unable to mike it back to the boat or to the shore. >> the maritime actually helped one of the persons get out of the water that was wearing a there. >> reporter: divers and crews in boats responded to the scene. they scoured the surface of the water and the edges of the lake facing a unique set of challenges. >> there is sections that is over 100-foot where they're at right now. it's all grassy and mucky down below. it's very hard for visibility down there. >> reporter: meanwhile a coast guard chopper searched from the sky. with no signs of the swimmer, thunderstorms and pouring rain brought the search to a halt.
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comfort the missing man's loved ones. >> you have to feel for the people, the parents. i feel bad for them. i just hope they can get some closure. >> reporter: and plymouth's fire chief tells us the man's friends threw him a life jacket. it just wasn't any help yesterday. live in wash this morning -- live in bourne this morning. a man is due in court today, accuse accounted of taking photos up a a local store. wbz' nicole jacobs is live for us with the details. nicole. >> reporter: chris, former governor duvall patrick actually signed this bill into law banning upskirting back in 2014. still it surprisingly happens just as it allegedly did at a local dollar tree store. take a look at this mug shot. this is 29-year-old christopher ma lino or i should say ma lean know.
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oaf an employee of that dollar tree. police were called to the store yesterday around 4:30 in the afternoon. it's unclear, though, if this was the first owe occurrence. nonetheless, ma lean know is now charged with a misdemeanor. he is expected to be arraigned here today if he is ultimately found guilty he could face upwards of 2.5 years in jail and a $5,000 fine. we're live in malden, nicole jacobs,bz methuen police hope tattoos will help them catch an accused killer. police released these pictures of emilio delarosa's tattoos. a murder warrant has been issued for delarosa who is accused of killing wanda rosa. the globe is reporting it happened in front of their 4-year-old son who yelled at his dad to stop attacking his mother. just about rab 0 right now.
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aside from his role with the nonprofit he created to help drug addicts. but the acting chief says the program will go on. the chief was put on put on leave with pay after an investigation was launched by the city. his attorney says the chief is cooperating with the investigation and that, quote, has nothing to do with his duties as chief of police. a detective sergeant has also been placed on administrative leave. no word if the suspensions are related. hundreds of criminal drug cases in norfolk count been compromised after evidence was lost and mishandled by the braintree police department. the month's long audit found nearly 2500 items of evidence, 60 guns and more than $400,000, went missing from the evidence room over several years. braintree officers was in charge of that evidence room and the contents. well, in may she died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound according to her death certificate that was obtained.
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of unaccounted for items and pore record-keeping practices by the police department to be deeply troubling and unacceptable. >> judges have already thrown out six cases including that of steven e-brian. he's accused trying to kidnap a child from a store last month. now to campaign 2016. donald trump will be in new hampshire tonight. he will hold a rally in me cone also in the granite state is tim kaine. meanwhile, hillary clinton will return to the campaign trail after recovering from pneumonia. cbs an ma daniels reports, we're -- cbs hannah daniels reports. >> reporter: the two-page ler from hillary clinton's personal physician describes her as being in, quote, excellent mental condition. and recovering well from antibiotics to treat her bacterial pneumonia.
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medication and as has a cardiac calcium score of zero. >> it scans your heart, arteries for any calcification. if there isn't any calcification detected that means that you are at a very low risk of cardio-raskly events like heart attack or death. >> reporter: following the development, clinton's campaign once again called on donald trump to release his own medical records. calling him the least transparent presidential nominee in memory. during a taping of the show yesterday, the republican nominee revealed he acres medication to lower his cholesterol and blood pressure. >> if elected at age 70, you'll be the oldest person to ever enter the oval office. why do you think of the stamina? for the job? >> just about the same age as ronald reagan, and hillary is a year behind me. i don't know if this makes sense, i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> reporter: at an event in ohio hours later, trump turns
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you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. >> reporter: at least three polls out wednesday show trump leading clinton in the key battleground states of ohio, florida, and me. hannah daniels, cbs news. the first presidential debate, by the way, is just over a week away. we'll bring you live coverage. well, today president obama is planning to do something that no president has ever done, and it directly affects national monument status to nearly 5,000 square miles of canyons and sea mountains in the atlantic ocean. conservationists say it will protect endangered marine species. commercial fisherman will have just about 60 days to clear the area. the drought forcing several massachusetts communities to request emergency water supplies from other sources for a price,
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$1.7 a month. ashland also got approval to tap into the supply and other cities like cambridge and lynn are considering similar steps. coming up, a potential game-ink chaer for treating ear infections. >> the local ref searchers and why they say it is so promising. >> plus it may no longer be a chore to get your kids to help with the housework. we'll take a closer look at the new app from a boston company. danielle, that sounds nice. >> it is it. today, chris, that are running 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. bright sunshine only topping out in the 60s today in boston. big difference from 90 yesterday. i'll talk about the next warm-up on the way when we come back.
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and get a free night when you stay with us two times. book direct at . well, clean-up efforts are underway today in taiwan after tie fon ma ran at this hammered the island. it caused major flooding and damage. more than 117,000 homes are without power. taiwan's central weather bureau says it's the strongest to make landfall in taiwan in over two decades. here's a look at how powerful the winds were.
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motorcycle. he was able to get up and walk away. it brought huge waves, wow, 40 feet high. >> okay. first thing's first. you don't get on your motorcycle when the weather is like that. >> it's surprising to me he just got up after that. >> those waves, too. >> crazy. >> that was a little dangerous. >> no surfing in those waves. >> no. oh my gosh, i loved yesterday it was so hot, it was like, i don't want the summer to end. i love it. >> fall came, it was like hey just a heads up, tomorrow morning is going to be cool and crisp too. so there's a feel of fall in the air. we hit 90 yesterday. that was the 22nd time we've con it -- done it so far this year. 58 in boston currently. dew points have dipped into the upper 40s now. it's nice dry air that's moved in. northwest breeze at seven miles per hour right now. temperatures are in the 40s in some of the suburbs.
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47 in concord new hampshire. 53, though, in manchester. 50 in portsmouth. in bedford, we are in the 40s here in jaffrey. fits burg sitting in low 50s. 50s to lower quits for us out over cape cod. milder for us because we have a few low-level clouds that are barely showing up. the rest of us, it's clear skies, it's smooth sailing this morning. no weather-related issues. nothing going on back to our west or e either. there's a front that caused the thunderstorms yesterday late in the day. that's well offshore now. we have tropical depression julia, a lot of rain out over the coastline of south carolina and north carolina. but the bulk of the rain is going to stay out of the ocean as julia meanders there. for us here at home hurricane bright, beautiful sunshine but definitely a cooler feel. check it out. middle to upper 60s for highs today onshore wind keeping us cooler right at the immediate
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definitely a fall feel. 40s in the suburbs. i would not be totally shocked in the -- a couple of spots dipped into the upper 30s tomorrow morning. a calm wind, ideal radiational cooler to cool us off. 75 through the interior. what an absolutely beautiful way to end the week tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. mid-70s no complaints about that. low 70s right at the coastline and right around 70 on c that to thank for the dry weather and at least the comfortable temperatures too. obviously we do need the rain because of the drought, though, and that chance doesn't come in until sunday. so start of our weekend looks good. sunshine increase in clouds later on saturday. this next front is what we'll bring scattered showers and thunderstorms on sunday afternoon. so the yanks coming through the next few nights, no weather-related issues at fenway. mid-70s for saturday afternoon's
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a little muggy with raindrops to dodge. not a washout. but there will be scattered showers an thunderstorms around. we'll be around 80 for tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> danielle, we're still doing great this morning out on the roads. this is a live look at 93 south in somerville. a steady stream of cars there but you still have normal drive times. 93 south is in great shape the further north you go. to our south, 24 was a mess yesterday. it looks like it's off to a better start today. 95, route three, both look good. 128 at the split is s w that won't last. >> thank you. if you have asthma, this isn't news, but this week is a peak week for germs and ear tants. for kids getting back to school, a time when doctors say they can get lax about using inhalers. experts say it's critical kids have their inhalers with them at all times and use them when needed. they recommend leaving an asthma action plan with teachers so the staff knows how to help out if something were to happen in school.
5:18 am
kids who suffer from painful ear infections. doctors at boston's children's hospital have developed a new gel and they say just one dose could treat the infection. the topical treatment would be applied directly to a child's ear in the doctor's office. still needs to be texted -- tested on humans. so far it's been 100% safe and effective in animal testing. a new twist on high school is coming to somerville. it could shake up the way that students learn. it's called somerville powerhouse studios and it's one of that was just awarded a $10 million grant. there won't be any grade levels and regular classes like math or science. instead students will work on long-term research projects year round. backers say the idea is to make high school more engaging, effective and relevant for high schoolers. construction will get underway soon and the globe is reporting it will open in the next year or two. it can be the source of many family fights, getting your kids to do their chores. >> oh my goodness. well now a boston company wants
5:19 am
getting stuff done around the house and their solution relies heavily on what can be a kid's most prized possession, their phone. >> for dusting, i'll get $1. for cleaning my bedroom i'll get $four. >>. >> reporter: but she no longer gets cash in hand. her chores are managed and paid for by dad online. this family is using hourly help to help his dad. >> when it's interactive and on a device, itee >> reporter: before and after photos snapped on the phone are sent to dad via text message once he approves the job, the money instantly appears in an online account. >> so it gives them a sense of power and authority, and small tasks are getting done for dad, so win-win. >> it is the right way for parents to give their kids pocket money. >> reporter: the ceo uses the app with his family and says it
5:20 am
>> everything they do is digital. so basically what we're doing is just allowing parents to understand if you want to have a conversation about money with kids, it's got to be in the format that they understand. >> reporter: it allows kids to cash in their money for a variety of online gift cards like amazon or itunes. donate to charity or cash out whenever they want. and even her younger sister is starting to check the ipad for her to do list. >> it's a fun and easier way to do chores. is $1.95 every time the money is uploaded. coming later this year, kids will be able to deposit their money directly into a pre-loaded debit card. this would totally work on my kids. >> do you think like i could get the bosses, i would be like i cleaned the newsroom, i cleaned my desk up. >> you know what --. >> can i get a buck. >> if they think it will get them to do something, finally. >> finally. >> maybe they'll do it. coming up next, the task getting ready for the home
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but the defensive star is out with a knee injury. >> the race for first place continues. rick porcello going for a record. steve burton has the highlights
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. patriots are getting --
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facing off again. steve burton has it all for you. >> the red sox came in last night 14-0 and rick porcello got to start. a win last night and they set a new team record for most wins without a loss to start a season with the same starting pitcher. one unfortunately the orioles had other plans. porcello made just one mistake and it cost them dearly. top of the second, solo home run one-steer. sox dominated after that. 17 batters in a row. eight innings, just one run allowed. was just a little bit better, eight shutout innings, just four hits. there is ace closer zach britt he finishes off in the bottom of the ninth.
5:25 am
end it. so here's a look at the standings. the orioles are just one game back of the sox. toronto is two back. the team got back on the practice field yesterday gearing up for the season opener. hightower did not take part. he has a knee injury. gronkowski was at practice yesterday. he was listed as a limited participate. meanwhile jimmy garoppolo is start at gillette stadium. he said the win gave him in belief but said he's not about to get overconfident. >> yeah, i mean there is a fine line, no question about it. you don't want to be riding that wave the entire week, you'll fall behind on the next team, mime for us -- miami for us. it's a good thing we have the confidence. but that's about it. you don't want to think about it too much you'll get stuck in the past and that's never a good
5:26 am
go 2-0 on sunday. still to come, making it easier to get medical marijuana here in massachusetts. >> who could soon be allowed to write prescriptions for it. a closer look at the proposal now on the table. >> this is jon keller. why the health for president any of our business. let me count the ways when wbz this morning continues. >> it's going to be a cool start for the kids at the with us stop -- bus topping out around 70 this afternoon. i am tracking another warm-up though. i'll tell you about all the details straight ahead. take a live look out over boston. sunrise coming up an hour from
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5:30. a 17-year-old arrested and heading to court accused in a violent home invasion. how police tracked him down. >> crews set to resume their search this morning for a missing swim ner plymouth. how the weather may have played a role in his disappearance and the search efforts. >> hillary clinton and donald trump both on the campaign trail today. their health under the microscope. jon keller weighs in on why voters need to pay attention. welcome back, everybody. >> thanks so much for joining us. it's thursday, september 15th. rolling right ahead toward the weekend. >> mighty chilly out there this morning. >> we hit 90 yesterday. so i feel like anything is going to feel cool compared to that. the average for the day is about 73 so we were well above average yesterday. that was the 22nd day we've hit
5:31 am
had since 2010. 40s and 50s in the suburbs. just a few low clouds out over cape cod. plenty of sunshine today. certainly a feel of fall in the air. no issues for morning rush hour. sunrise coming up at 6:25. it will be bright and cool. don't forget the shades. a lot of sunshine right on through the afternoon. wind off the ocean will keep the coastline in 60s. we'll top out right around 70 or just over that through the interior with clear skies for the ride home as well a sunset at 6:53. let's get you on the roads. any issues? >> there is, danielle. we have an accident eastbound on the pike in auburn. it's right after 290 here. a truck went off the road and actually drove right into the woods. now it's leaking fuel and they've already made the decision that it's not being removed until after 9:00 a.m. we don't know what kind of truck
5:32 am
some traffic in that area. but we do know that the break-down lane is blocked. we'll let you know if it affects the morning commute. breaking overnight, a 17-year-old due in court accused of stabbing someone during a home invasion. police say the teen went into a home on livingston avenue, demanded money, and then stabbed a 25-year-old man there. that victim was taken to the hospital, police and k9 units from several towns trackedow ichecking your other top stores -- top stories, crews will be back in plymouth searching for a missing swimmer. that search is now a recovery mission. officials say a 26-year-old man and two friends were swimming yesterday when strong winds blew their boat away. a coast guard helicopter scoured the area for hours. the name of the swimmer has not
5:33 am
charges is due in court. police arrested christopher molina yesterday. he was caught taking pictures on broadway. a man who threatened to shoot officers is being held on $20,000 bail this morning. investigators say they found a gun in 25-year-old cassandra main's car. they tell us he was driving erratically through dorchester tuesday night when he crashed into an unmarked cruiser. officers say they also found heroin, cocainend pills in his car. police say while in custody, he threatened to kill officers at shift change. a massachusetts man is facing charges in rhode island after police say they found him unconscious behind the wheel of a running car with a hypodermic needle in his arm. portsmouth police say an officer found airish row sha slumped over on the console on tuesday.
5:34 am
massachusetts wants to make it easier to get medical marijuana. according to the globe, state regulators propose allowing nurse practitioners to write prescriptions for medical marijuana use. right now only doctors can do that. it would allow dispensaries to deliver marijuana to nursing homes and care facilities rather than just to a patient's home. checking in on campaign 2016 for you this morning. donald trump will be in new hampshire today looking to rally voters there.he middle school at 7:30 tonight. meanwhile hillary clinton will return to the campaign trail today after taking several days off following her pneumonia diagnosis. she will speak in north carolina and washington, d.c. since that diagnosis, the health of both candidates has taken center stage. doctors for clinton and trump say they're fit to serve as president. this morning our jon keller explains why we should care. >> reporter: good morning. first, some full disclosure.
5:35 am
or as donald trump's doctor might put it in the most fantastic health any commentator has ever been n okay, my knee acts up once in a while and my hang time on the basket ball court isn't what it once was. but what that's? too much information. okay. i agree. but the point is, i am not running for president. fortunately for america. hillary clinton and donald trump are. if there are issues with their health, i think most voters would like to before they make their choice. why is it any of our business? first of all, because we've been miss led about presidential candidate health too many time in the past. the impact of polio on franklin roosevelt was carefully hidden from the public as was john f. kennedy's health problems. the late senator paul song as assured us he had been cured of cancer. we later learned he would almost
5:36 am
president's capacity to do the world's most stressful job. and it can heighten the importance of the vice presidential nominee. surely these are factors voters are entitled to consider. you could be legally libel if you provided phony details of your legislate on an insurance form. and if someone will lie to you about as something as important, what won't they lie to you about. hillary clinton should not have tried to hide her the public. donald trump's one-page testimonials from his gastroenterologist are an insult to voter intelligence. if these two wonder why they are so distrusted, they might want to look in the mirror. talk back to me via e-mail or twitter. in other news, patrick is feting ready to -- getting ready to host a fund-raiser for hillary clinton. the evening for chefs for
5:37 am
night. he hosted a similar event for president obama in 2012. if kurt schilling really wants to challenge elizabeth warren he has an uphill battle. a poll finds 54% of likely voters would support warren as opposed to just 29% who would back schilling. of course, it's mostly hypothetical. although schilling has said he would love the chance to run, he hasn't taken any steps to start a c station for multimillion airs. the exclusive spot coming to new england. >> plus, think twice about what you put online, the family bottle -- battle over facebook now heading to court. >> reporter: lust upskirting at a local dollar tree store. i'm live in malden, i'll show
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
. a luxury gas station for people with big bucks and a family battle over february. >> local experts pinpointing why the economy has not rebounded. jill wagner is live with today's money watch. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning chris and financial crisis and a new study found there is one major factor slowing down the economic recovery and it is government gridlock. president obama and the republican-led congress can't seem to make deals on important programs which could boost u.s. pettive. parents be careful what you post on social media when it comes to your kids. an 18-year-old is suing her parents who posted photos
5:41 am
pictures of her in diapers. her father says he owns those photos and has a right to post them. forget country clubs, connecticut is getting its own fancy gas station which includes a water park, clothing boutique and a steakhouse. there's a catch, though. you have to be a member and that requires a net worth of $50 million. >> i would think it would be more fancy than that. >> it doesn't seem fancy enough for $50 >> reporter: you guys have high standards, i see. >> well, we can't even -- you pointed out before, sorry, as you pointed out before, if you had $50 million net worth are you really even taking your car to get filled up? >> absolutely. and chris and i can't even afford to drive by and look at that place. so i don't know who we think we are. >> we're like, all right. drive on by. >> reporter: all i'm looking for is good coffee and maybe a clean
5:42 am
diseases is fine. it's good. that's all i want. >> and a cup of coffee. you're right. that doesn't have the coffee grounds in it. there you go. i was waiting to hear the bell. >> they're saying wrap it up. >> thank you, general assembly. coming up, bringing self-driving cars to boston. >> hear what the mayor says about the move and why some drivers aren't too happy about it. >> it has now been more than hours since a swimmer went missing. i'll have the very latest on the
5:43 am
narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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. this morning, six seal pups are safely back in the wild. animal teams from the mystic aquarium released the seals on the beach in charlestown rhode island. . they had been abandoned after birth and were found in maine. they were taken to mystic's animal rescue clinic where they were nursed back to health. their mom left them, that's so sad. look at them. they're so happy. >> what a life. just like rolling around on the beach, splashing in the waves. >> just keep them away from chatham where there's a lot of sharks, and things will be fine. >> i was literally how important music is. we have that nice cheery music. if we had jaws going, that would have a different feel for it. >> stay away from chatham. >> they're okay. absolutely.
5:46 am
40s and 50s. it is a cool start. it is a crisp start. totally different feel today compared to what we had yesterday. 58 in boston currently. 47 in concord. same in plymouth, 46 in laconia. norwood, taunton the typically cooler spots, 60s. lower 60s for most of us with a few low-level clouds. otherwise skies clear, quiet. it's going to stay that way. the front thunderstorms yesterday way offshore. we have tropical depression julia. she is weakened sitting right off the charleston coastline right now. 35 miles per hour winds. still bringing some wind-swept showers right to the coastline of north carolina and south carolina. the bulk of the heaviest rain staying out over the ocean. julia will meander there over the next several days. for us, bright sunshine, fall feel, and not 90 like we hit yesterday. 67 in boston. that's it. we'll have a wind coming in off the ocean today.
5:47 am
coast. warmest inland and even that we only top out in the lower 70s today. 68 in plymouth. 65 to 70 on cape cod. still very pleasant just a different feel. overnight tonight, 40s will be widespread. it's going to be a chilly start tomorrow morning. 53 in boston. i wouldn't be surprised if a couple of spots come close to the upper 30s. the typical spots like the norwood, like the tauntons, like the bedfords, because we'll have clear skies and calm winds. gorgeo tomorrow. mostly sunny. 75. that's actually pretty normal for this i am too of year. high pressure in control today and again tomorrow. obviously we need the rain. but we're not complainting about -- complaining about the beautiful days. there will be a threat for rain. saturday's dry. the front approaches late in the day but this is the map saturday at 7:00 p.m. still at that point, showers and storms will be off to the west. we may get a couple that come in saturday night and it looks like scattered showers and storms are likely on sunday.
5:48 am
the weekend pick if you have outdoor plans. we'll be dodging some raindrops on sunday with those showers and storms coming in. a few of those will likely linger into the start of next week on monday with temperatures near 80 degrees. still a little bit muggy too. we'll be around 80. so above average on tuesday and wednesday. brianna. >> danielle we have some updated information with that -- about that accident on the pike. we've learned it's a little bit further east than we thought. testifies actually in mill bury after route 122 right here. this is eastbound exit 11. it went into the woods. it is leaking fuel but it will not be removed until after 9:00 a.m. we don't know what kind of truck it is or why they're waiting to remove it. guess is to try to avoid some traffic. you can already see some of those yellow, or ange lines in the area. it is creating some problems. break-town lane is blocked. we'll continue to keep our eye on this as the morning continues. >> all right. thank you very much. a man acus cooed of taking
5:49 am
store. >> crews set to rees resume their search for a missing swimmer. >> reporter: i'm covering the -- i'm covering the serge for the missing swimmer that's about to start about an hour. here's what we know so far. we are told this is now a recovery mission. after a 26-year-old man was one of three people out on a boat yesterday afternoon. reportedly went for a swim without a life navigate through water that presented some unique challenges within itself. people who live on the lake telling us there's low advisability underway here which is about 100 feet deep they estimate. the search was called off for the night because of stormy weather. but again, that is about to resume here in just under an hour right now. we'll keep you posted. we understand some additional tools will be brought out, including sonar equipment. live in plymouth this morning.
5:50 am
arrested, accused of stabbing someone during a home invasion. police say the teen went into a home on livingston avenue, demanded money and then stabbed a man. police tracked down that suspect in a nearby backyard. he will be arraigned in juvenile court in salem today. >> reporter: i'm live in malden this morning where a man faces up-skirting charges. take a look at his mug shot. this is 29-year-old christopher when police were called to a local dollar tree store. the alleged victim in this case is actually an employee of the store. molina is expected to be arraigned here in malden district court today if he is found guilty he could face two and a half years in jail. we'll have much more on the story coming up at 6:00. that's the very latest from malden, jacob -- nicole jacobs. the man accused of pulling a
5:51 am
incident says he did it in self-defense. place is he he threatened the other driver on tuesday then punched the man in the face all while his kids were in the car. rivera went before a judge yesterday. a new billboard is up and around boston. it's a renewed effort to solve a 24-year-old cold case. on september 14th, 1992, a woman was found murdered. she was last seen leaving her job at the airport. the next day the police found her body in car. police are hoping the billboards will lead to some new tips. actor mark wahlberg is speaking out about a request for a pardon. wahlberg served time for attacking a vietnamese man back in 1988. wahlberg tells the rap he now regrets asking to have that conviction expungeth but wahlberg says he's glad he was able to meet the victim as well as that man's wife and daughter to apologize. if we ever get any rain around here, pests in bost will
5:52 am
have a treat. you might remember these poems are only revealed when the sidewalk gets wet. organizers used biodegradable spray that vanishes. but once wet it exposes the words. the mayor is opening up about the plan to bring self-driving cars here to boston. the city and uber will launch a test of those driverless cars soon. supporters say it will make picking up and delivering passengers easier. but some say they're just accidents waiting to happen. >> i know that a lot of people have questions. you're not going to see a whole bunch of cars out on the roads. but it's one of these pilot ideas we're being looking at to see how it works. >> i think that it would be incredibly dangerous to have driverless vehicles just because it doesn't have the human reaction. >> i think driverness cars are exciting -- driverless cars are exciting. i think there are a lot of terrible drivers out there.
5:53 am
in pittsburgh yesterday. a halifax woman can call her the fast he have woman on two wheels. >> she holds eight second speed records -- excuse me, she holds eight land speed records including a world record. she plans to break her own record next year. well jody grew up around motorcycles at her father's shop she says she has a fashion for anything on two wheels. >> you become in a bubble. it'sos it's like you're in a zone with the bike or at least that's how i feel. i feel like i become one and nothing around me is even there. >> jody's next record attempt will be next year. she's so young. >> jody is like super cool. >> so much cooler than you or i. >> maybe we need to get a motorcycle. >> i want to hang out with her. still to come. scoring big off the field. >> i don't think you should get
5:54 am
a patriots star earning new fans. how he he's making kids smile and giving them a leg up in the
5:55 am
5:56 am
. back to school shopping isn't a chore if you get it do it with a patriots player. danny especially bow la and his foundation gave 100 students gift cards to cover school supplies.
5:57 am
special because his parents are educators. >> my dad is a football coach in texas, a teacher as well, and my mom is a substitute teacher, has been for a long time. and being around that atmosphere that they created was, you know, was everything that i needed to get through in school. >> he's a cool dude. a -- he's a cool dude. he's a nice man. >> this is the third year the foundation took students shopping. . >> i've beeno getting their book and looking. so exciting. keep it right here to wbz this morningment your top stories, your weather, your traffic is all straight ahead.
5:58 am
healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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6:00 am
. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining >> it is thursday, september 15th. we are following breaking news right now. police investigating reports of a stabbing and home invasion. the teenager now under arrest. >> plus a man charged with taking pictures up a woman's skirt. he's due in court today. the store where this happened. >> scandal in braintree. guns, money and evidence all missing from the police station and it's already impacting criminal cases. >> but first we want to start things off with a check of our forecast today. you step out the door this morning, kate, it doesn't feel like summer anymore.


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